Studio Policies

Dates & Fees

Dates: S84 operates on a 10/12-week termly basis, allowing 3 weeks off at Christmas, 2 Weeks at Easter and closing for the month of August to run our summer holiday activities timetable.

We DO NOT BREAK for the half term week. 

Winter, spring & summer dates TBA but to coincide with the government school year.

Fees:  Can be paid termly, monthly or weekly. 

Weekly payments: Must be paid at the BEGINNING of the FIRST class of the week in cash. 

Monthly & Termly: Can be set up by request and paid via bank transfer. Payments must be made on the 1st of the month. Please see Miss Faye to get set up on our invoicing system.

Appropriate deductions will be made for students taking advantage of our price packages. 

Refunds for any unused classes will not be given.

Sibling Discount: Is offered to relatives attending 3 or more classes each. 20% will be deducted from your totaled weekly balance for both siblings.

Missed Classes: Must still be paid in full during term time.

Whilst At The Studio

Arrival: Please arrive at least 5mins before your class to make sure you are ready and on time for your first lesson.

Collection: Please ensure your child is picked up on time and let a member of staff know if anybody other than you will be collecting them.

Absent or Lateness: It is very IMPORTANT you let Miss Faye know ASAP if you are going to be late or missing your lessons for any reason to avoid any hold ups in the smooth running of the lessons. 

Uniform: Is applicable for all classes. All hair MUST be in a bun.

Personal Belongings: S84 does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to property while on the premises. Please make sure all belongings are labeled to avoid any mishaps.

Student Behavior:  Bad behavior will not be tolerated. Students will be removed from lessons for rudeness, cheekiness or unkindness towards other pupils or staff.

Parents:  Are NOT permitted to be in the studio unless asked to do so by a teacher.

Medications: If a student needs to take any of their own medication (whether self administered or otherwise) teachers or an appropriate representative must be informed. S84 accepts no responsibility for administering medication (and or its effects) and the student’s parent/guardian must takes full responsibility. 

Injury or Illness: S84 accepts no liability for any injuries sustained whilst participating in a dance class or on the Studio Premises. If your child gets injured or feels unwell, we will administer the necessary aid and call the emergency contact ASAP.


Pupils will need to be dressed correctly for all of their classes with no exceptions or substitutes. This is all part of the discipline of dance and the performing arts and not forgetting health and safety reasons also. 


All uniform can be purchased from Miss Faye.

Arco, Freestyle & Lyrical: Branded Studio 84 leggings, shorts, crop tops, vest, leotards & tights. NO BAGGY CLOTHING. Studio84 T-Shirts/jumpers/ onesies can only be worn for warm ups.

Acting, Singing & Musical Theatre: Branded Studio84 leggings or shorts & T-shirts/jumpers

Dinky / Pre-Primary/ Primary Ballet, Tap & Jazz: Pink leotard, Pink skirt, Pink cardigan, Pink convertible tights or socks & Pink canvas Ballet shoes. Jazz shoes optional

Grade 1-4 Ballet, Tap & Jazz: Mulberry leotard & belt, Pink cardigan, Pink convertible tights or socks & Pink Ballet canvas ballet shoes. Black Tap shoes.  Jazz shoes optional

Grade 5 + Ballet, Tap & Jazz: Black leotard & belt, Pink convertible tights, Black cardigan, Pink canvas Ballet shoes and pointe shoes. Black Tap shoes. Jazz shoes optional

Senior Jazz: Black leotard & tights. Branded Studio84 tops can be worn for warm ups.

Competitions, Events & Festivals: We expect all our students to arrive and depart in branded Studio 84s uniform

About Studio84

Office Contact & Hours: Monday – Friday 10am-8pm. Saturday 9am-5pm Sunday 10am-5pm. Please DO NOT CALL out of these hours unless an emergency. Details for contact are: Phone 07477225025. Email or a lot of question can be answered via our website

Trial Class: New students are welcome to ONE FREE trial class. Trial lesson must be booked in advance.

Place Confirmation: We allow for 2 weeks of training before we ask you to sign our acceptance forms to secure your place at the studio. Spaces are limited to ensure quality of training. 

Terminating Enrollment: 2 weeks notice is required for any pupil wishing to discontinue training at the studio. 

If notice is not received, the full payment of fees for the rest of the month will be due.

Refunds for any unused classes will not be given.

Private Lessons: Must be booked in advance and can be paid for on the day of the lesson. 

Any private lessons that are booked and not attended must be paid for in full unless 24 hours notice is given.

During Enrollment: Permission must be sought from any pupil wishing to participate in any external vocational classes, amateur or professional productions and festivals and competitions. 

Pupils enrolled at Studio84 are offered all disciplines of performing arts, therefore permission will only be granted to another school if it is to attend a class not offered on our timetable.

Pupils/ parents will be asked to leave without notice for any serious breach of the school’s terms and conditions or for any other serious misconduct.

Teachers:  All S84 teachers are professionally trained fully qualified and have current CRB checks. 

We always have one quailed first aider on sight.

Where a guest or student teacher is asked to take a class, a member of the S84 team will always be present.

A “hands on approach” is often needed for teaching technique, as well as supporting the acrobatic movements. Please let Miss Faye know if you are not happy for your child to be taught in this way.

Competition & Festival Etiquette

Pupils will be asked to join the competition squad or festival team when we deem that child not only to be technically ready, but also emotionally too. 

Once on the squad or team, professionalism and rules must be upheld all times. 

As the faces of Studio84 we expect you to represent the school and its reputation in the highest possible manner.

Private Lessons: Freestyle Comp Squad will need a minimum of one 15-minute private lesson a week.

Festival Dancers: Will be choreographed in 1 or 2, 30 min private lesson depending on the child. 

We recommend another 30 min lesson on each dance as a refresher before the festival.

Routines WILL NOT be made up or practiced in lessons unless your child is attending the necessary competition or festival class.

Uniform: All students to arrive in S84 Uniform. Parents will be required to invest in a S84 T-shirt also.

All students to have their own make up kit, hair spray, bobbles, brush, pins, grips & Safety pins.

Props & Costumes: Any props or costumes issued to you by Studio84 must be returned in the same condition they were given in. Loss or damage to these items will result in you having to pay for them.

Sportsmanship: At Competitions, Studio84 is to be represented as a company. 

Team moral is the most important agenda of the day. 

A success for one child from our school is a success for the school and its reputation as a whole. 

Regardless of your own child’s achievements on the day, I expect all parents and pupils to support each other by being up on his or her feet, clapping and cheering for EVERY pupil from S84.

Pupils/ parents will be asked to leave the competition squad or festival team without notice if they cannot congratulate and support other members of our school.

Trophies/Medals: Trophies are to be collected in S84 tops.

All parents and pupils are to stay until the finals and awards have ben handed out to support and congratulate unless you have asked to leave before the section has commenced. Exceptions will be made to competitions running late into the evening or where a child is feeling unwell or injured.